Tiny bit of a joke in the title because there are people (my kids, my mother, most people I used to know before I caught the writing bug) who think that novelists are no fun at all.

Cue classic clip from 'Sideways' (Apologies for the redaction of 'fuck' by someone squeamish in YouTubeland.)

The line 'Don't go to the dark side' is now a family joke, as this is where I like to spend most of my time, in a V.Woolf sort of way. And I am just as keen on red wine as Miles/Paul Giamatti, though significantly less discriminating. (Ever wondered what kind of internet user Ms Woolf would have been? Or perhaps this is another example of my being a tiny bit weird.)

Of course, Miles is Unpublished, and the general assumption is that failure has a detrimental effect on the human personality, and success a beneficial one. I am Published, and looking at my character overall, I would say that on balance I am more of a pain in the arse now than I was before I got that corrupting glimpse of life on the other side of the portals of Penguin's HQ in the Strand.


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