I've come to realise that the more of a passive/over indulgent slump I am enjoying, the more unrealistically optimistic I am about my future levels of productivity/general slimness.

Mode of the moment is Extreme Focus re. my PhD thesis, the current equivalent of creative writing in my life, and Extreme Statis re anything to do with the body beautiful thing. Nearly went swimming today, and had to have a large cappuccino and a lie down to get over it.

So this means that while I am circumspect about my writing goals, I am madly looking forward to a skeletal 2012. Apart from being fabulously thin, I will also be posting each week with advice and ideas relating to How to be a Writer

As for my advice for fellow scribes: read something brilliant. My recommendation of the moment is a fantastic non fiction book which I am reading for my thesis but will appeal to anyone interested in imagination and identity: A face to the world by Laura Cumming. It's about self portraits and what they do and don't tell us about the artist. Great illustrations, too, if you are in mood for skimming.

And so, farewell 2011 - and a Happy New Year to all imperfect writers...


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